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Shipping & Returns


All Products are Shipped through USPS.  All Products will come with a tracking number once your order is processed you will receive a tracking number for your order via email. . All customers will receive an email prior their orders being shipped just to notify that your order has been processed and thank you for ordering. All orders are shipped between 3-7 business days. Thank you for ordering from Tranquil Flames Melanin Magic, if you have any question or concerns about your order, please feel free to email us at  

Return & Exchange Policy

If you have any issues with any Tranquil Flames Candles and/or Melanin Magic Body Butters items (body butters, bath bombs, shower steamers, lip balm, exfoliating sugar scrub soaps).  Please don't hesitate to email the company at  Our goal is to make sure every customer is satisfied with the items purchased. My goal is to ensure you are reassured on who to contact for refunds/exchanges without feeling neglected in the process.  Its too often consumers are searching for customer supports to rectify a situation and more times than not the search is an endless battle.  Here at Tranquil Flames Melanin Magic, customer service and appreciation is essential to our growth.  Its equally important to have information that is easily accessible to returning customers and new customers.  

I am the CEO of Tranquil Flames Melanin Magic.  I am one email away from all my customers.  I want to reassure you that when you spend your hard earned money that if there is every an issue that you can reach me with questions or concerns about a refund or an exchange.  I take pride in my company and pride in delivering to each customer handcrafted items designed with your peace in mind. 


Business Number: 901-296-2026

Thank you for all you support.  You are truly appreciated.

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